CTE delivers its 10.000th aerial platform

CTE’s 10,000th aerial platform is ready to be delivered to the UK.

Is ready to be delivered the CTE aerial platform with serial number 10.000. It’s an articulated truck mounted platform ZED 20.2 H bought by the English customer Smart Platforms Ltd. For the special occasion, CTE painted the platform with a silver varnish and mounted it on a truck with silver cab. This is a very important goal reached after years of presence on the market with a wide range of products: ZED (articulated truck mounted), B-LIFT (telescopic and high range truck mounted), TRACCESS (spiderlifts), B-FIRE (fire fighting and rescue truck mounted), PRATIKA (removal lifts) and PIANOPLAN (stairclimbers).

Looking back in time and going back over the history of CTE, it was in 1993 when the company introduced on the market the first aerial truck-mounted platform with a “Z” articulated and telescopic arm called “Z 16D”, predecessor of the successful model Z 20 introduced in 1996. The Z 20 has established an important innovation on the truck-mounted License B platforms and has been the first of the various Z models of CTE, and copied by all the greatest manufacturers of aerial truck-mounted platforms.

From 2009 the Z range has changed its name in ZED and actually we have 15 models that reach various heights from 14 to 32 meters.

ZED 20.2 H is the best seller in the market: 20 m of working height, 9,2 m of outreach, capacity (2 people included) 230/300 kg (with loading cell).

This model was one of the first with the new octagonal design of the boom made with a new material, Docol 1200 M high strenght steel, to obtain a favorable relationship between performance and weight. Another important characteristic of this machine is the stabilisation with H shape (vertical stabilization). The great advantage of this system is that the maximum width of stabilization is decreased favorably – compared to the previous version – from 3200 mm to 2930 mm, and the ability to stabilize even in the presence of high gradient (sidewalks, ramps or uneven surfaces up to 220 mm). In addition, the system allows to perform H stabilisations with millimeter precision. Technically, this type of stabilization works with drive rods: a system patented by CTE that consists in the emission of the beam simultaneously with the stabiliser in a single movement, without the aid of jacks. This, for the operator, means simplicity and speed of execution.

‘The working area of the platform’ is also an added benefit for the operator as the basket payload remains constant throughout the good working envelope of the machine.

ZED 20.2 H video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=21&v=e8D5FtMLzj0