PEOPLE ON THE MARKET – Interview to Italian renter Roberto Carbonera – Vento Noleggi

Roberto Carbonera runs since 10 years ago his activities as renter of aerial platforms in Fontanelle (TV). Today Roberto has a park machines of about 60 machines, whose totality, except second hand machines, from CTE.

Good morning Mr Carbonera, after a short presentation, we ask:
How does against its competition / market itself as a careful operator competitiveness and proactive?
During these 10 years we have a loyal relationship with our customers, so that we can almost consider these relationships of friendship. We try to satisfy them in all their special requests.

How the market is evolving in these times?
We must say that my company has evolved with a constant increase until last year. Now consider the market steady, with no peaks or bending to increase.

What types of machines do you own?
Mainly vertical, truck, some self-propelled electric and diesel, some telescopic and rotatable with the service operator.

What is your “recipe” – what values they pursue in your daily work?

CTE all platforms, except for some means used by other manufacturers.
I’ve always had a good relationship with my reference sales and always liked the idea of having a single brand of reference: CTE has a wide range of products and rationalization that I really appreciate the service and support.

What are looking for your customers in a platform? What is driving today their choice?
Surely what matters is the proximity of the charterer to the customer. Today we are able to solve any kind of technical problem and specific. We are also very flexible in terms of schedules, we provide service 24 hours of almost 24 when we deliver a car for example.

What is the greatest satisfaction you received in the workplace and in private?
The company’s growth. We were born from nothing, and in a few years we have created us credibility in our local area. Our customers are very loyal.

Photo: On the left, CTE President Lorenzo Cipriani with Roberto Carbonera at the time of delivery of the powered scaffold tower Power Tower Nano, offered in tribute by CTE.