PEOPLE ON THE MARKET – Higher Access – Peter Ashburner Interview

We have here with us Mr Peter Ashburner from Higher Access, hirer of spider lifts, on wheels and tracks – Burnley UK

1. How does your business market itself?
We market our business mainly via the Internet and the use of good service support staff within our hire desks and service centres.

2. How has the market evolved in this period?
The spider lift market has evolved from a low recognition piece of powered access equipment into a mainstream product. I would say that the spider lift market is reaching maturity. It requires a specialist access provider to fully appreciate the abilities of the equipment and how a customer can use it to its best advantage.

3. What types of machines do you own?
We run CTE, Teupen, Omme, Multilift, TCA lift, Falcon Spider, Bluelift. We only run spider lifts, on wheels and tracks.

4. What is your “recipe” for success and what values to you have for your daily work?
Our recipe for success has been to focus on spider lifts, under stand the market for the products and provide a level of service second to none. Our daily focus is the quality of the service, equipment and personnel we provide within the business.

5. What are your customers looking for in a platform? What is driving their choice?
Customers want a machine that is reliable, easy to operate and competitive to hire. They buy on service, price and availability.

6. What is the greatest satisfaction you received in the workplace and in private?
Recognition within the access industry as a market leading hirer of spider lifts. Recognition by others within the industry of my own skills relating to spider lifts.