Painting at height requires support for fast movement, stability, operator safety and precision.

When operating on roadsides you need to have means that take up little space and carry out handling operations quickly and safely.

Our range of truck mounted platforms are the ideal means for painting: CTE ZED truck-mounted articulated platforms with a 20m to 32m working height, and CTE B-LIFT and CTE B-LIFT HIGH RANGE telescopic truck-mounted platforms with a working height of 17 m to 61 m.

Main features:

  • absolute verticality with a single command, to work with ease, optimize working time and make ” plumb-line movements” in relation to walls (raise and lower the basket following a straight vertical line perpendicular to the ground)
  • increased lifting capacity so as to allow two operators and equipment to work at height
  • compact, to take up less space on the road or on the works site
  • cables and catenaries are inside the boom, eliminating the risk of getting caught and causing damage to property or to the platform
  • single area of work, to provide a fixed capacity without limitations
  • reduced side-end dimension to take up less space on the worksite and avoid collisions with buildings, vehicles in transit or anything else
  • stability over rough terrain, thanks to the variable stabilization.
  • jib, which easily passes obstacles and can operate in hard to reach areas