MP 20 Ev

  • Altezza20 m
  • Sbraccio13 m
  • Portata250 kg
  • PTT min3,5 t
  • Dimensioni navicella1,4 x 0,7 x 1,1 m
  • Altezza piano calpestio18 m

» Designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy with CTE and SSAB Technology
» Componentistica Premium, affidabile e reperibile
» Premium Components, reliable and easy to source for replacement
» Ground Console with Wireless Remote and integrated display for wires free operations
» Basket console with the same Look-n-Feel of the ground console, integrated display, for easy learning and familiarization for the operator
» State of the Art CTE S3 EVO control system
» 250 Kg Nominal Capacity
» Electronic self levelling basket
» Automatic stabilization from ground and basket console
» Stepless extendable front outriggers
» Option to work without rear outriggers for quick limited height jobs
» Auto opening and auto stow
» Range up to 70 km (WLTP) and 25 working cycles*
» Possibility of working in Battery Mode Only or in Plug-In mode, connected to the electric grid (220V/380V) using the charging cable
» CTE Connect available for remote monitoring and diagnostics, with the option for fleet management and preventive maintenance

* Range and working cycles are provided as examples; driving range and working cycle may vary depending on working conditions


» Designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy with ECarry-Green G Technology
» Premium Components, reliable and easy to source for replacement, with FULL LED Technology
» 35 KWh Webasto battery, Li-ion NMC, R100 certified
» Range up to 100 Km (WLTP)*
» Portable charging cable up to 7.5 KW with multiplug adapter, to recharge and work in any condition and industrial plug availability, 220/380V
» Comfortable and ergonomic cab, with 380 mm ground clearance, for easy access
» Panoramic wind shield and rear view mirrors
» Ergonomic and efficiently designed cab
» Heater, electric windows, adjustable power steering wheel for maximum operating comfort
» 7.5 KW Electric Power Take Off, coupled to a 380V motor and a Smart inverter, for an efficient management of the working cycle of the MEWP
» Service and Spare Parts guaranteed nationwide

* Only driving without platform use